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Fox & Raven Publishing

96 Royal Windsor, Sea Cottage Crescent, Milnerton Ridge, Cape Town

Check out your options below. We’ve decided to narrate potential questions and statements you could pose, because it’s fun and our favourite game is charades.

1. I have a fabulous book that I’ve written. You need to publish it right now!
Have you checked out our Submissions page? All our current submissions are listed there.

2. I saw a fabulous book that you published. I need to buy it right now!
All our delicious books are available on our enchanting Emporium. We accept major South African credit cards, and ship anywhere in the country. Because we’re what? SICKENING.

3. I just need to talk to you, okay?
Oh lovely! Please send any non-submission/non-book buying communications to We’re always keen for a chat.

4. Is that it, then?
We live for social media. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for a peek into the fantastical.

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