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Today is a VERY big day for Fox & Raven: it’s announcement day for the first fantasy novel we’re going to be publishing. So, without further ado, without any more dillydallying, let’s get. to. it.

Betrayal’s Shadow by Dave-Brendon de Burgh.

“Brice Serholm, a general in the kingdom of Avidar’s elite Blade Knights, is faced with a difficult decision – remain true to his king and his duty, or save the lives of his men. His choice takes him into the last bastion of a forgotten deity and sets him on the path to godhood.”

Now, we can’t say too much yet. But here’s what you need to know: Dave is a South African writer. His writing has appeared in a variety of anthologies (notably AfroSF in 2012). He’s a lover of all things SFF, and he’s a brilliant Fantasy writer (if we may say so ourselves). Betrayal’s Shadow is his first novel, and is Book 1 in the series The Mahaelian Chronicle.

Keep checking in for updates, details, author interviews, and many other lovely things!

Betrayal’s Shadow will hit the shelves in autumn of 2014. We hope you’re as excited as we are.

In Dave’s words: BE EPIC!

[Check out Dave’s writing blog here, and follow him on Facebook here. On twitter, catch him @DaveSASFFAuthor]

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