The day has finally arrived!

That’s right cubs – today is launch day of the much-anticipated Black Benjamin: England’s Foremost Investigative Exorcist by the wonderfully talented Yelena Calavera.

“When a man enters the Dream, he does so at his own peril. To walk there, a part of his consciousness must cleave away from his flesh and when it does so, there is a chance it will be swallowed by the world of dreams. If that happens, he will never be content with the ordinary world again. He will become feverish, obsessed with dreams, and unable to control his desire to drink more deeply of that intoxicating substance which makes up the well of mankind’s unconscious.”

Black Benjamin is a left-field look at ambivalence, disguised as a story about a man (an investigative exorcist to be exact) who goes to a town near London to clear up the small matter of a series of brutal murders by an unknown, undead entity.

The story falls into the literary realm of ‘Dreampunk’ – a fledgling genre of post-modern, dystopian fiction that concentrates on the alchemical power of dreams and the exploration of ‘Countercultures’. Think Carl Jung meets Steampunk.

If you find yourself in Johannesburg tonight, join us at the crazy, mind-blowing launch at Amuse Café – where things are set to get absolutely crazy. All the details for the event are available here. No, puppies, click on the word ‘here’ in the previous sentence. Yes, that’s the one. We even underlined it for you. There you go.

Calavera’s fierce new photo-novelette is now available for purchase from Amazon and Smashwords for your reading and visual delight. Remember to check out her debut novelette, The Dead City Blues, too!


Check Yelena out on facebook, twitter, Amazon and Goodreads, and sign up for her sickening blog.

[Black Benjamin: England’s Foremost Investigative Exorcist is a photo-novelette. It has been optimized for reading on Amazon Kindle devices, as well as the Kindle app.]

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