Buy a book, give a book.


Well, what is this all about?

Hi, and welcome to dreamcircle (with a lower case d, we’ll have you know). We’re a wing of insurgent cool cats all the way from Fox & Raven Publishing, and we’re on a mission to get books into the hands of every underprivileged South African – for FREE.

Now, this is our first double-book donation. Our goal for this campaign is to donate 100 copies of Ravensmoot: an anthology of speculative fiction short stories to public libraries and schools in disadvantaged communities across South Africa.

And this is where you come in. The bottom line is that most South Africans simply cannot afford books. As book-lovers, this saddens us. So we’re doing something about it, and we hope you’ll join in too.

The premise is simple: by donating to this campaign, you’ll secure an ebook of Ravensmoot for yourself, and sponsor a print version of the book to a community that needs literature!

We’ve set our goal at $1000 – that’s $10 per book. For every $10 we receive more than that, we’ll simply donate another copy of Ravensmoot – and that’s all there is to it.

Donate on, by clicking here.

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