Enter the dreamcircle.

Say hello to the latest initiative by Fox & Raven Publishing: dreamcircle (without a capital D, unless you start a sentence with it) is our very own brand of rebellion and insurgence. It’s where we speak for those whose voices are taken from them; where we tell tales that others are too scared to share.

So, what’s the big deal? Dreamcircle (see, you can use the capital D there) is a collective that strives to support communities and organisations that are busy with some *sick* things. On the other hand, we’re going to be publishing FREE books, to be distributed internationally, on topics that are close to our hearts.

You’ll remember that a while back, Fox & Raven announced that they would no longer be selling their books in countries where homosexuality is outlawed. Well, nobody said anything about giving away books for free. So to get things going, we’d like to introduce ourselves by launching a call for submissions on that very topic. Introducing: The Seven Wonders.

All the delicious details:

We want your works of queer magnificence. We’re looking for stories centred around three things. Firstly, the tale has to, well, be queer. Secondly, we want you to play around with the theme of ‘seven wonders’. Don’t get stuck on the wonders of the world. Use your imagination. Watch Season 3 of American Horror Story. Get wild. And lastly: your stories have to fall in the arena of speculative fiction.

The process:

Fox & Raven, together with a set of viciously cool kids (who remain anonymous for the moment) will judge all entries. A longlist will be announced on 1 February 2015. All stories on the longlist will be published in a limited edition print anthology, as well as an eBook version. The print anthology will be sold in South Africa, with all profits going to a local LGBTI community group, to be identified at a later stage. The eBook version will be distributed for free across the planet – and we’ll make sure to get as many copies as possible into homophobic countries.

The winners will be announced on the launch day of the print anthology. Wait, what’s that? Winners?

Yup – our top three stories will each receive a lekker prize:

First place grabs a cool $300 cash.  Also bragging rights because they’re wicked sick awesome.
Coming in second will fatten your wallet to the tune of $200.
Third place rakes in a slick $100 dosh. We’re already gagging.

The shortlisted authors will all receive a hard cover über limited edition copy of the anthology.
All longlisted authors will receive an ebook version of the anthology.
All longlisted authors will earn royalties on print book sales, as per our standard short story submission agreement.

What you should be writing:

For The Seven Wonders, we’re looking for speculative fiction short stories with a queer theme between 8 000 and 10 000 words. The genre for the submission is  speculative fiction. We want stories that move us, that enthral us, that make us weep and laugh.

Most importantly, we want you to explore the themes of the seven wonders. Make of that what you will.

Other important things:

If you’re still reading, you’re cool. To submit, please send your short story attached as a .doc or .pdf document to info@foxandraven.co.za. Use the subject QUEER SUBS. Don’t, *please for the love of all things good and pure in the world don’t* paste your story in the body of the email. We no likey – we no read.
Please only submit original, unpublished work. Also, we ask nicely that you don’t submit stories that you’ve submitted elsewhere, and that you don’t submit them anywhere else until you’ve heard from us.
If your story is longlisted, you agree to give Fox & Raven Publishing exclusive rights to publish the story for one year in both print and electronic form, and non-exclusive rights thereafter.

Submissions close 1 November 2014.

Queer speculative fiction for the win.