We are very happy to announce Flowers for Emily by Martin John Stokes. Here’s what you need to know about this brand new novelette:

Charlie Montey is a wonderful husband. On a bright November morning, 1992, he collects a bouquet of flowers from their garden for Emily’s birthday–fynbos. She loves fynbos. Charlie’s been picking flowers for Emily every day this week, and the week before.
Only, it’s not Emily’s birthday. It hasn’t been for a while.
Bill is a good neighbour–if the goodness of one’s neighbours is qualified by their spying abilities. And he’s been watching Charlie every morning, picking dead flowers for Emily’s birthday. But Bill hasn’t seen her in a while, and Charlie doesn’t seem to notice that it’s not Emily’s birthday anymore.
Those flowers used to be beautiful; cared for by Emily’s ageing hands. Now the beds are dry and the plants leafless, and Emily is nowhere to be seen.
In another tour de force of short story writing, Martin John Stokes continues his exploration of the human psyche and our reluctance to accept our own reality.

Flowers for Emily is now available on Amazon. Remember to grab its ravensong, I’ll Never Tell, over on our SoundCloud page (for free!).

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