Fox & Raven’s Director, Marius du Plessis, had a chat with Sarah Duff for AERODROME, a veritable phrontistery for book lovers.

Here’s an extract of what went down:

New cub on the block


‘I met with Marius du Plessis the same day that Penguin and Random House’s merger was publicly announced. As the world’s biggest publishers amalgamate, there’s even more room for independent publishers, like his newly launched Fox & Raven Publishing.

“I’m doing my Masters on why people in South Africa don’t read. My theory is that publishers are not producing what people want to read. Niche publishers cater for reading tastes and as big publishers go even more mainstream, indie houses are going to do better and better.”

Out of this was born the idea for Cape Town-based Fox & Raven Publishing, with a distinctly non-mainstream focus on speculative fiction: science fiction, fantasy, steam punk and horror – just the kind of genres that are under-represented in local bookshops. Du Plessis cites Lauren Beukes as an example of the big things that can come to South African novelists if they’re willing to push the boundaries of fiction and write what they want to. “Beukes has been groundbreaking for South African publishers,” he says.’

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