For your 11 o’clock tea, we suggest reading this interview we did with Adel Groenewald from the fabulous Cape Town Collectables. Yay!


Posted by Adel on June 21, 2013 · 

Now here’s something you probably haven’t seen in Cape Town recently – a niche, indie publishing house that’s not afraid to take chances and even less afraid of having a bit of character. I spoke to Marius from Fox & Raven Publishing, a brand new startup publishing house, to find out what the fox and the raven has in store for the South African book scene.

I’ll be reviewing some short stories published by Fox & Raven in the future, doing mini profiles on the authors too. Seeing as I love books to bits, I thought it apt to promote a bit of local talent.

Read the full Interview on the Cape Town Collectables Blog

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