We are very happy to announce Pigs in Golfs by Mia Arderne. Here’s what you need to know about this crime noir novelette.

Pig (noun): … 3. Slang used as a disparaging term for a police officer.
Mariam has always been able to see the future. But the future isn’t as clear as she’d like; it’s muddled and messy – ink spreading through water. And tonight she knows, the future is not good.
Yusuf lives for the thrill. He lives for the ride. The open streets of Bellville call to him like a siren, willing him to race. The risks are great, the rewards greater. He knows the pigs are always watching.
The balding, fat man drives slowly down Voortrekker road. The prostitutes are everywhere – waiting for their next mark. They don’t know he’ll be their last.

Pigs in Golfs is available on Amazon US and UK. Remember to grab its ravensong, Pretty in Pink, for free over at our SoundCloud page!

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