We are very happy to announce Project Hydra by Anton Sim. Here’s what you need to know about this quirky sci-horror novelette:

What is ‘Project Hydra’? Why is everybody who signs up for it disappearing? And what’s lurking in those fish tanks rolled into the boardrooms by eerie officials?
When Mia, a quiet yet diligent employee of The Company, is confronted with the latest project to ‘increase efficiency and redistribute workload’ in the office, her world is turned upside-down. People are disappearing, The Company is cutting employees all over the place, and Mia can’t help but wonder when the notorious Hydra will start showing its many, many heads.
In this quirky sci-horror of the corporate-world-gone-mad-scientist, how can one woman beat the system? And will she be able to answer the question on everybody’s lips: what is Project Hydra?

Project Hydra is now available on Amazon. Remember to grab its ravensong, Cutthroat, over on our SoundCloud page (for free!).

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