We are thrilled to announce the next in our series of wonderfully scrumptious speculative fiction novelettes: Purgatory: Gun of God by Olivier Lafont. Here’s all the dirty on this supernatural Heaven-vs-Hell short, which is out right now:

Alex Warren is an angry man. With no family except a young sister with Down’s Syndrome, living in remote North Dakota with few prospects and no future, Alex’s only respite is working at Purgatory, a bar on the outskirts of Fargo.

Today he brings a gun to work to kill his boss.

Everything is going according to plan, until Alex finds out that Purgatory isn’t just a bar, that the regulars are both more and less human than he could ever imagine, that Mr. Yo is masterminding a coup against Heaven itself, that his own sister is possessed by something inconceivable, that archangels and Hell’s agents are coming to besiege the bar… and that all of them are right here right now because of him.

And because God created something he shouldn’t have.

Purgatory: Gun of God is out now on Amazon. Remember to download its ravensong, ‘Deus Ex Machina’, for free over on our SoundCloud page.

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