We are very happy to announce The Dead City Blues by Yelena Calavera. Here’s what you need to know about this dystopian thriller novelette.

What do you do when your own dreams hunt you? You hunt them back.

Johannesburg has been destroyed. It is a dead city – torn asunder by the horrors, the nightmares, of its inhabitants. And the nightmares are roaming free. Shelby Maddox and her sister Lara are the only survivors, fighting for their lives, scavenging the ruins of this goldmine metropolis for scraps of food.

With the appearance of Luke, a Dreamer with mind-bending powers, everything changes. Shelby embarks on a journey to save her sister, to save herself – and to conquer her demons.

The Dead City Blues is available on Amazon today. Remember to download its theme song, I Don’t Need A Saviour, too!

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