We’re very happy to announce The Triarchy’s Emissary by Nyki Blatchley. Here’s what you need to know:

An Empire in ruin. The power of the gods corrupted. Nations shattered.
Novesh, once the Empress of Shebal, must now carve out her political career in Faiz – a city tearing at the seams as different factions vie for its control. From her fortified seaside mansion, she silently orchestrates the rebirth of the Empire. Her Empire.
But there are those who would see her fail – those who would pay great amounts to topple the would-be Empress.

The enigmatic Triarchy of the Mountains need to see Novesh dead. The former Empress stands on the precipice of overthrowing their decades-long work: The work of the gods. And they have just the person for the job.

[Get The Triarchy’s Emissary here. Check out Nyki Blatchley here, and follow him on twitter: @NykiBlatchley]


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