Want to submit a short story?

We run a yearlong submission for short stories in the (rather diverse and heterogeneous) speculative fiction genre.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Submissions guidelines for short stories

Welcome to the Fox & Raven submission guidelines for short stories. We’re sure you have some questions, so we’ve asked (and answered) them for you.

What’s the tea?

Fox & Raven Publishing is a Cape Town trade publisher, specialising in fantasy, science-fiction, steampunk and horror short stories, novellas and novels under its impression, Fox & Raven Fiction.

What can I submit?

We’re looking for short stories that fall into the speculative fiction genre – this means fantasy, sci-fi, horror, steampunk and related genres. For these short stories, we’re dying to sink our teeth into tales under 13,000 words (and not less that 9,500).

To sum it up: please submit speculative fiction stories of no more than 13,000 words, and no less than 9,500. Bam!

Where’s my money?!

Fox & Raven pays a once-off fee of R1 500 (that’s $150 for any non-South African writers) for each short story we accept.

And what about my rights?

Our contract gives us the exclusive right to publish your short story in an electronic format for one year, and non-exclusively thereafter. It also gives us the rights to translation, audiobooks and (for some extra moolah) anthologies. Also exclusively for one year and non-exclusively thereafter.

Where will I be published?

Fox & Raven will publish your short story in electronic format on all major (and lots of minor) eBook retailers, including Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and

Okay, okay. But how do I submit?

Please email your short story, as either a PDF or word document, to: We will get back to you as quickly as possible!

We look forward to receiving your submissions, and undertaking this journey with you!


Wait! What if I’ve written a novel? Do you publish those?

We do – but those aren’t yearlong submissions. Keep your eyes fixed on our blog and home page for any announcements. You can always just email us and ask whether we’re accepting unsolicited manuscripts right now (we’re friendly and will ALWAYS respond to your email – promise!).